Couples Therapy

Are you experiencing confusion, pain, shame, hopelessness in your relationship?

Has your relationship changed since having a baby and you aren’t sure how to get back on track?

Are you currently engaged and want to build a foundation prior to the wedding day?

Do you want to discuss marital roles and expectations?

Do you find it difficult to communicate with each other?

Do you feel unheard and not validated?

Are you stuck in the “blame game” and not sure how to stop ?

Did you once enjoy activities together and now you hardly spend time with each-other?

Has the impact of the pandemic negatively impacted your relationship?

Are you cohabitating and it is not as easy as you thought?

Let’s get real..relationships are hard work! You may be wondering how you and your partner arrived in this place. We are here to help! We partner with each couple in the journey to healing. We help couples improve communication by interrupting unhealthy and toxic behavioral patterns. We help partners feel more connected to each other and learn to truly deepen your bond by learning how to express each-others needs.

We specialize in the following relational concerns:


Family concerns

NICU Parents


Premarital Counseling

Break up/ Separation/ Divorce

Intimacy issues

Communication struggles

Establishing boundaries


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