Maternal Mental Health

Do you feel like you don’t even notice yourself when you look in the mirror?

Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression?

Was your birth experience not what you expected?

Have you endured the devastating pain of a pregnancy loss

Are you struggling with balancing working and being a mom?

Are you currently experiencing a high risk pregnancy?

Are you trying to navigate breaking generational patterns and traumas related to motherhood?

Are you a single parent trying to figure it out?

No one ever prepares you for the challenges of parenthood, how miserable it can be at times. You are not alone! The journey to and through motherhood can be hard. It can be challenging at times. What happens when our vision of the perfect conception , pregnancy, birth, and motherhood experience doesn’t happen as we thought it should? This can leave you feeling sad, angry, confused, anxious, guilty, and grieving. Whether you are struggling with feeling as if you lost yourself, setting boundaries with family members, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression , or experiencing difficulties with fertility ,we are here to help you before, during, and after your pregnancy journey. We partner with you to identify your goals and together we assist you in navigating your journey to healing.

We specialize in the following concerns:

Fertility/ IVF

Parenting Support

Co Parenting Support

Motherhood identity

Breaking intergenerational patterns

NICU parents

PostPartum Depression

PostPartum Anxiety

Grief and Loss

Adoption Support

Stress / Anger management

Peer relationships

Millennial mothers

Mother/Daughter relationships

Pregnancy loss

Pregnancy after loss

Single mothers

Birth trauma

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