Rates & Insurance


The cost of the individual initial session is $150 for 60 minutes. Ongoing sessions are $125 for 45-50 minutes.
The cost of initial couples/family sessions is $200 for 60 minutes. Ongoing sessions are $175 for 45-50 minutes.


If you’re seeking to use your health insurance for therapy, please note that I’m an out-of-network provider that does not accept insurance at this time.

That means you’re responsible for the fees at the time of our appointment and depending on your plan, and deductibles you need to meet, a percentage of what you pay for therapy may be paid directly back to you by your insurance company.

To help my clients at the end of each month a super-bill will be provided to you to send to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

I encourage you to call the member services number on the back of your insurance card to find out what your “out-of-network” benefit may be.

We recommend that you check with your insurance provider to find out the exact coverage included in your plan. Here are some helpful codes you can give them for the services we provide:

CPT Code 90791: Initial Assessment/Evaluation
CPT Code 90834: Individual Therapy, 45 minutes
CPT Code 90847: Family Therapy with Client Present
CPT Code 90846: Family Therapy without Client
CPT Code 90853: Group Therapy

Discounted Rate (Open Path Collective):

Open Path Collective is a nonprofit that serves clients who lack health insurance, or whose health insurance doesn’t provide adequate mental health benefit. We are committed to accessibility and affordability, therefore we offer a rate of $60/session for Individual and $80/session for Couple/Family sessions for anyone that is an Open Path member. To receive this discounted rate: register as a new client for Open Path by clicking here, pay the one-time $59 membership fee, and provide us with your membership ID number by your first appointment.


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