Therapy for Millennial Women

Does it feel as if your professional life is in order but something is missing?

Are you successful in your career but struggle with relationships?

Are you tired of feeling overworked?

Do you struggle with setting boundaries with your family and friends?

Are you struggling with navigating life after college or grad school?

Do you identify as a high achiever but it often negatively impacts other areas of your life?

Do you often find yourself wanting to say “no” to others but often say “yes” ?

Whether you are feeling anxious, disconnected, overwhelmed, feelings of sadness really or just fed up with how you have been feeling lately, our team is here to help! We take our time to understand each individual and tailor our treatment specifically to your needs. We will work with you to develop coping skills to address all of your life transitions. We believe that every person is the expert on their life, therefore, we work with you to tap into your strengths that are already inside of you. You will feel empowered, supported, and feel more equipped to take on life’s challenges. We are here to assist you in accomplishing your goals one session at a time.

We specialize in the following concerns:

Work/Life Stressors


High Achievers



Peer relationships

Stress Management


Life Transitions

Dating Issues

Family Issues

Domestic Violence

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